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lindsey78I am a busy mom of four kids. My family and I lived in the Bay Area for 5 years until we moved to New Jersey. When I am not crafting, changing diapers and making meals, I love to read, eat out, do anything (or nothing) outdoors,and chat and spend time with family and good friends.

avatoesI started Itty Bitty Imprints in 2005. I was inspired to find a way to capture a moment by my daughter, Ava who was born with 12 toes, yup, a cute little extra toe on each side. Ava has since had her extra toes removed and I love having imprints to remind me, not only of the tiny hands and feet, but also of those little extra toes.

My kids also love seeing how their hands and feet have grown. These have been priceless keepsakes in our home and I love being able to provide something like that for others!



alt  I have been privileged to be involved and associated with Itty Bitty
 Imprints since 2007. I just love doing this and the concept behind it.

 Working with children over the past 10 years has been such a special and fulfilling opportunity for me. After 5 years of being a nanny to many darling children, I was ready to write a new chapter in my life, and Itty Bitty Imprints is the perfect avenue for me to continue working with children in a new and memorable way!

 Little ones are so loved and adored, I can't think of a better way to hold onto a piece of their childhood forever than to have delicate life size replicas of their little hands and feet.


 I am very grateful to be a part of Itty Bitty Imprints and truly enjoy the happiness it brings to the families that I can create something so special for!

 When I'm not involved in work you can find me shopping, planning events, at a concert or stage production, or at the beach. Above all I love to be with the wonderful people who make my life so rich and beautiful - family and friends. They truly are the joy of my life!




I first learned about Itty Bitty Imprints while working at Tiny Tots, a boutique in California where IBI events are held frequently.  Even after moving away, the impression they left on me was so great, that when I became a new mother I went through Itty Bitty Imprints to have my own daughters imprints done.  After several more life changes I found myself moving constantly due to my husband's job in the military.  I decided I needed to find a profession I could maintain despite moving and yet while staying at home with my children.  I still look at the imprints IBI did for my own children everyday.  They remind me of my tiny babies and make me smile.  Being able to create those priceless memories for others brings me a sense of fulfillment.

When I can find free time away from the chaos, I love to craft, try new recipes, and go out shopping.  Otherwise, I'm exploring stories, enjoying tea parties and dance parties, or building towers with my littles!



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